Donkeys at the port of Hydra - Saronic Gulf IslandsThe islands of Saronic Gulf are well-known for their excellent picturesqueness, romantic atmosphere, unique nobility, strong tradition, and glorious recent naval history. An island hopping into Argo Saronic may be combined with terrestrial tourism to major archaeological sites like Mycenae, Tiryns, Epidaurus, Troezen and Nafplio.
The islands of Saronic Gulf were the first in Greece that received the international and domestic tourism before today’s sought after destinations of Cyclades were yet discovered. Even today they continue to have vibrant and cosmopolitan atmosphere as they are among the top sailing holiday destinations for the jet set.

The area’s proximity to Athens provides two significant advantages:

  • There are several yacht charter options since most of the rental boats in Greece moor in Athens.
  • The first island of the itinerary is approached in just two hours and therefore no time is spent to reach to and return from the cruising area. That is to say from the first day of charter, where the boat is delivered usually in the afternoon, you can already hop to and enjoy your first destination.

The area of the Saronic Gulf is seldom affected by the meltemi which prevails in summer. Even in the event that the area is swept by a strong meltemi the wave height is relatively low, so the sailing conditions are pleasant provided a proper reefing of sails. From the sea areas of Greece this one is considered to be the most convenient and therefore suitable for novice sailors.

The fabulous Saronic Gulf Ιslands are dotted one after another around the coast of Argolis, like proposing a natural itinerary. When combined with certain must see mainland archaeological sites of Argolis, you can opt to encounter them either on the go or upon return.


One week island hopping in Saronic Gulf

One week island hopping in Saronic GulfA leisurely week-long itinerary in Saronic Gulf Islands where you can combine a visit to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus is the following:

  • Saturday: Athens – Aegina = 19 NM
  • Sunday: Aegina – Hydra = 29 NM
  • Monday: Hydra – Spetses – Porto Cheli = 21 NM
  • Tuesday: Porto Cheli – Dokos – Hydra = 21 NM
  • Wednesday: Hydra – Poros = 16 NM
  • Thursday: Poros – Palaia Epidavros = 22NM
  • Friday: Palaia Epidavros –Athens = 31NM

The ancient theater of Epidaurus is 15.7 km far from the namesake village or otherwise 16 minutes by hired taxi. Mycenae are within 55.9 km from the village of Epidaurus, which means about 53 minutes by taxi. Therefore if you wish to visit Mycenae also, is rather better to include Nafplio in your sailing destinations, as in the next suggested itinerary.


One week island hopping in Saronic Gulf and Argolis

One week island hopping in Saronic Gulf and ArgolisIf you want to allocate more time in sailing, then with the following week-long itinerary you can combine more easily a visit to the theater of Epidaurus with a visit to Tiryns and to Mycenae.

  • Saturday: Athens – Aegina = 19 NM
  • Sunday: Aegina – Hydra = 29 NM
  • Monday: Hydra –Porto Cheli = 19 NM
  • Tuesday: Porto Cheli – Nafplio = 25 NM
  • Wednesday: Nafplio – Spetses = 27 NM
  • Thursday: Spetses – Poros = 30NM
  • Friday: Poros –Athens = 30NM

Tiryns is situated right out of Nafplio, Mycenae are within 22.2 km from Nafplio (20 minutes by taxi) and the theatre of Epidaurus is 28.2 km far from Nafplio (32 minutes by taxi).


Two weeks island hopping in Saronic Gulf, Argolis and further south to Monemvasia

A map of Saronic Islands and Argolis and further south to Monemvasia - Two weeks island hoppingIf you plan to spend two weeks on Saronic Gulf Islands and Argolis then you can sail even farther, to the stupendous seaside medieval castle-town of Monemvasia rock. So this is the two weeks itinerary to Argo Saronic that we recommend:

  • Saturday: Athens – Agistri = 21 NM
  • Sunday: Agistri – Poros = 16 NM
  • Monday: Poros –Porto Cheli = 32 NM
  • Tuesday: Porto Cheli – Nafplio = 25 NM
  • Wednesday: Nafplio – Astros(1) = 11 NM
  • Thursday: Astros – Leonidio = 19NM
  • Friday: Leonidio – Monemvasia = 33NM
  • Saturday: Monemvasia – Gerakas = 9 NM
  • Sunday: Gerakas – Spetses = 30 NM
  • Monday: Spetses – Dokos(2) = 12 NM
  • Tuesday: Dokos – Hydra = 7 NM
  • Wednesday: Hydra – Palaia Epidavros = 35 NM
  • Thursday: Palaia Epidavros – Aegina = 15NM
  • Friday: Aegina –Athens = 19NM
  1. Because of the great archaeological sites that exist within and close to Nafplio, you may be interested to moor again in the port of after swimming and sunbathing, so to spend also the next day in exploring this significant area. In this case you may abort the sailing of first Wednesday and the next day, Thursday, skipping Astros sail straight to Leonidio.
  2. Dokos is a small island with beautiful waters but uninhabited so if you want to stay there overnight, you must take care for sufficient supplies of food and water.


Panoramic view of Hydra port - Saronic Gulf Islands


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