Boat Rental Booking and Payment

Boat Rental Booking

We offer a number of easy fast and reliable ways which lead you to find the best value boat rental for your sailing vacations in Greece. Our policies are implemented with clarity into the boat booking platform of our website so that the charter rates shown upon selecting any dates are absolutely final for bareboat and include clean bed linen / towels, start and end of charter cleaning, taxes, and all discounts which are applicable for the dates selected at the particular day of request. Any discount coupons we might offer in specific occasions are applicable to the bareboat charter rate only and they are deductible from the final payment. The charter rates stand for bareboat unless the boat is offered only skippered where in that case the charter rate shown includes skipper’s fee also. If you select a boat which is offered as bareboat and you tick the box opting to have a skipper, skipper’s fee is added by the system and the charter rate is recalculated.

If you have come up with certain dates for your sailing vacations and want to rent a boat between those dates and only then, searching boat rental availabilities is the quickest way. The list presented to you upon selecting the dates, contains all available boat rentals for the dates selected and shows the final charter rate as explained above and the basic features for each boat. You may select a boat and proceed into placing a booking option right away or you may follow the links on the list to drill down into each boat’s detailed characteristics and present condition photos. Being on the presentation page of any boat, you may try another selection of dates on her booking calendar to find out what the final charter rate would be. From this page, you may also send an on line real time booking option request by using the form located below the booking calendar.

If you are flexible with your vacation dates and your priority is to rent a boat having specific features or/and located at a particular base, your best bet may be to start from searching boat rental specifications. On the tabular list of our boat rentals apply filtering according to the features you are looking for, and sorting as to the most important feature, to end up with a shortlist of boats which you might wish to examine further. Clicking on the thumbnail photo of a boat rental on the shortlist you may access her presentation page (characteristics, equipment and photos) and boat’s booking calendar where you may find out when the boat is available for charter. You may send an on line real time booking option request by using the form located below the booking calendar.

Through either ways as above, you get yourself boat rental offers on your screen directly from our system, and you may get as many as you like, without waiting for a reply email about availabilities and charter rates. Best of all, our process does not require you to register or to submit any contact details before you are determined to proceed with the charter of the yacht of your choice. On the other hand, if you wish to describe to us how you would like your sailing vacations to be so we can reply with our recommendations and offers, you are welcome to use our request for a boat rental quote form or to choose a direct contact method.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The charter rates on our offers, either those calculated on line on your screen or those sent through e-mails in response to requests for quote, are dependent to the period of charter and the timing of booking, i.e. rates for the same charter period might change according to the booking date. To this respect, upon expiration of a booking option, pricing may change and cannot be guaranteed until your booking is confirmed (more about booking confirmation, latter below).

Needless to mention that any method you choose and at any point in the process you might be, we will be happy to advise you and to answer any queries and questions you might have about our policies, itineraries, weather conditions, as well as whatever else might be of concern.

When you reach the point where you will be quite certain about booking a specific boat you may ask for a booking option for that boat. Placing a booking option prevents the boat from being selected by any other for the same dates, in other words it is a temporary booking. Up to that point neither payment nor your credit card details are required. The booking option may be placed in our system by yourself, if you use one of our online boat rental searching and booking ways, otherwise you may ask for on the phone or through an email.

The booking option will be standing there for you for one week. For early bookings, this option period may be extended on demand. During this period you may finalize the travel details with your travelling companions and confirm your flight. Following the last date of the booking option period if booking has not been confirmed, the blocked availability is released automatically and we do not bear any responsibility if another booking or booking option is placed by someone else.
The boat rental booking is confirmed only with the reception of down payment (50% of the bareboat charter rate) before the expiration of the booking option*.

As soon as we receive the down payment we will send you the Charter Party in five copies together with the official receipt of your payment. You, as the charterer, should complete all copies with your personal information required, sign all pages, and return to us all copies of the Charter Party so we will sign on our part and send back to you a copy.

The Charter Party is the standard contract used for chartering boats in Greece and it is approved by the Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association and the Hellenic Yacht Brokers Association.

Boat Rental Payments

We accept payments via bank transfer, check and credit card. The payments made should be net of any transaction or currency conversion costs and the amount we receive must be what has been agreed.
The timing of payments is as follows:

  • Upon boat booking confirmation (end of option period): 50% of the bareboat charter rate is payable. For bookings within 60 days of embarkation, full payments of bareboat charter rate should be arranged with the booking confirmation.
  • 30 days before embarkation: the balance of the bareboat charter rate is payable.
  • Upon check in:
    • Skipper’s fee, if any
    • Optional equipment – services, if any
    • Security deposit (refundable upon check out)

* Please note that it may take a little while for your payment to appear on our account or to receive the body of your check. Therefore sending also a copy of your transaction or a copy of your check through e-mail may speed up things, and an unintended automatic release of blocked availability (booking option cancellation) can be avoided.

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