A pristine beach reached aboard a bareboat charter in Greece.
Reaching notorious island destinations aboard a skippered yacht charter in Greece.
Sailing holidays in Greece. Getting a yacht charter from Athens, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most popular holiday destinations of the world like Santorini of Cyclades.
Greek island sailing holidays aboard a catamaran or a sailboat.
Ease of cruising aboard a yacht charter in Greece.
Bareboat charter Greece

Yacht Charter Greece | Bareboat Charter and Skippered Yacht Rental of Sailboats and Catamarans

Secluded bays with crystal clear blue waters? Yes, there are plentiful along the Greek shoreline. Yet, you will discover many coves in the Greek islands where you may enjoy nature in the purest form.

Reaching notorious island destinations aboard a skippered yacht charter in Greece.

Rent a yacht in Greece and cruise the magical waterways of the Aegean and Ionian seas

So go ahead and let your imagination run wild with the masterpieces of nature which you will discover in the water world of Greece with over 6000 islands and islets.


Enjoy your sailing holidays aboard a skippered yacht charter in Greece

Besides sailing, you will have the opportunity to visit some of the most sought after holiday destinations of the world.

Greek island sailing holidays aboard a catamaran or a sailboat.

Easy going sailing holidays to the Greek islands

And you want to feel confident and safe that you can't possibly mess this up. Well, that’s where we step in.

Ease of cruising aboard a yacht charter in Greece.

Sail in the Greek seas with a yacht charter

Greek seas are created in human measure. The Aegean seems to be the first sea where man navigated just because the scattered islands appearing on the horizon captured the spirits, causing both curiosity and a sense of achievable.

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Yacht charter in Greece and the Greek islands
Sailing holidays on a bareboat charter or on a skippered yacht rental

Welcome to Sailing Heaven! We invite you for sailing holidays on a yacht rental in Greece. We invite you to a seascape somewhere between heaven and earth, … but a little closer to heaven. In a water world on which 6.000 islands and islets are scattered, surrounded by shoreline of 16.300 kilometers.

Live your dream! Proceed to our yacht charter booking platform or browse through our yacht rentals, rent a yacht that suites your needs and enjoy sailing at its best. If you are looking for an unforgettable sailing holiday, look no further.
We are thrilled to provide you with our exemplary professional customer service which is second to none, as we employ outstanding personal attention to each and every customer. We feel how important your sailing holidays are for you and we will do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy the best possible yacht charter experience in the Greek waters… And you will want to come back for more!

Have no worries for your sailing holiday project.
Just let us know what you have in mind and we will arrange everything for you at the best value!

Yacht Charter Greece

Sailing changes your point of reference as stepping away from the land is like stepping away from the world you know. It redirects your mental focus, reduces your stress, and allows you to relax. The time dimension seems to acquire an altered scale, as the perceived length of a vacation is like stretched, even to the double. A sailing vacation by itself is a rich experience.
In a given length of time you can reach more places on a yacht rental because you may sleep, cook or relax with a book and sunning while someone else from your company takes care of the helm. And when you trim the sails or you are at the helm you don’t care about destination because sailing is the destination.

Sailing holidays in Greece aboard a yacht rental at Kolona and Fikiada bays of Kythnos - Sailing HeavenIf you rent a yacht in Greece you may visit seascape master pieces of nature and inviting swimming places away from the crowd. Navigation is easy and safe, as in Greek waters you maintain always eye contact with a piece of land, being that either the mainland or an island. Once you leave shore you have the view of a next one.
This means also that the distances are short and while you may refresh every day the scenery of your sailing holidays, you have plenty of time to enjoy wonderful and quiet swim stops within your route, and also to anchor in beautiful seaside villages early in the afternoon leaving you time, depending on your preferences, to enjoy a variety of quiet, romantic, or cosmopolitan nightlife. Such kind of holiday is really a rich and unique experience to remember for a lifetime. And every itinerary through the Greek islands feels unique each time, no matter how many times you have done it. This is why it is very rare for someone to sail the Greek seas once only. Usually someone either is unaware and has never done it or has been in the sailing heaven of Greece more than once.
Although there is hardly any other conventional way to enjoy all these, a yacht charter in Greece does not cost very much as compared with other kinds of holidays. Moreover, with the variety of choices, is really available to every economic level. Each yacht rental we offer for charter is well equipped, well maintained and above all, safe. The difference in charter rates between our yacht rentals merely reflect their difference in the purchase price from the shipyard, their difference in size and their difference in the year of build.
We can offer you a yacht charter from Athens to sail to the nearby islands of Saronic and Cyclades or a yacht charter from the Aegean bases for Cyclades and Dodecanese, or a yacht charter from the Ionian bases.

Bareboat Charter Greece

Carefree sailing with a bareboat yacht charter in Greece - Sailing HeavenIf you have the required qualifications and enough experience and confidence and you wish to rent a yacht, then a bareboat charter in Greece is the right choice for you. At sea we learn all the time. Even the most experienced sailor has more things to face and learn.
A bareboat charter is an opportunity to sharpen skills, as sailors always have new experiences every time they untie the mooring lines and feel the direction of wind on their face.
If you have the competence to sail a yacht rental on your own with the help of your family and/or friends then surely the cost is lower as you don’t need a skipper. Our yacht charter prices include VAT and a small amount, regardless to the length of a yacht charter, for clean bed linen/towels and for the overall preparation of the yacht and the departure. Any other costs (fuel, gas, water, meals, port/marina fees, etc.) depend clearly on your preferences. If you use more the sails than the engine and if you do not sail long distances, your fuel consumption will be less. If you cook on board more often than you eat in tavernas then you spend more on gas but the overall cost is much lower. If you anchor your chartered yacht in secluded bays or in picturesque seaside villages rather than in marinas you won’t pay a fee and you will enjoy romantic evenings. And so on.

Skippered Yacht Charter Greece

Sailing holidays on a yacht rental is not just for sailors. It is for everyone seeking something more than the sea, the sun, and a sunbed. We provide professionally trained skippers for those who wish to rent a yacht and enjoy relaxing sailing holidays in Greece or those who wish to get involved and learn the ropes and the sails during a skippered yacht charter in Greece. After all, learning how to sail is easy. Depending on crew eagerness, our skipper will not only show how to navigate but will also provide firsthand knowledge of the Greek island destinations.

Skippered yacht charter in Greece - Sailing HeavenSkippered sailing holidays in Greece are also suitable for qualified sailors who:

  • need more experience and more confidence to take a yacht rental on their own
  • want to get familiar with the Greek waters (first time to Greece)
  • need a hand because no other in their crew may provide sufficient help
  • need a guide to be with them and show the best coves and secluded bays for moorage and/or swimming, as well as the best places in seaside villages to eat and drink
  • want to relax and enjoy leaving the helm and sails in the hands of someone who can be trusted

Our skippers are hospitable, friendly, discrete and knowledgeable about every destination and you will discuss together your preferences and plan your route. Choosing a skippered yacht charter, you also hire the skipper who will take care of the yacht for you and will ensure that you get the most out of your sailing holidays in Greece. When you select from our yachts for rent, keep in mind that you have to provide a cabin or berth in cabin for your skipper as he is obliged to sleep on board. Apart from the skipper’s fee, you have to also provide his meals either from the meals you prepare on board or at an eating place ashore. The skipper’s fee, regardless of the season and the people on board, is €140 to €190 depending on the yacht rental.
You may wish to hire also a cook/hostess. The fee per day is generally 10 euro less than the skipper’s and you need to provide berth and meals as for the skipper.
The running expenses for a skippered yacht charter are just like those of a bareboat charter (fuel, gas, water, meals, port/marina fees, etc.), plus the costs for the hired crew as above.
Although some of our yacht rentals are offered only skippered (yacht charter prices include skipper’s fee), you may choose any of our bareboat charter yachts fitting your needs and let us know if you wish to have a skipper (select the check-box on the form of the yacht rental booking request).

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