Bareboat charter rate, fees, discount policy, and charter special offers

Bareboat charter rates

Charter prices per yacht are expressed on a weekly basis, they do not depend on the number of persons aboard and they vary according to the season of the year. Charter price seasons are five to nine depending on the yacht. The charter price comprises of the bareboat rate minus discounts if applicable, plus a small flat charge for yacht preparation which depends on yacht’s size.

Discount policy

Discounts of any form are applicable on the bareboat charter rate and they do not affect fees like skipper’s fee or yacht preparation fee. On the bareboat charter rate, depending on the season, the following discounts apply:

  •    5% for repeater customers
  •    5% for 2 weeks charter
  • 10% for 3 weeks charter
  • 15% for 4 weeks charter or more
  • 10% for early yacht bookings confirmed up to 1 January of the year for which the charter is booked

In specific occasions discount coupons may be offered which are applicable to the bareboat charter rate and they are deductible from the final payment.
The maximum cumulative discount that can be given for any of the above reasons applicable cannot exceed 15% in any case.

Skipper’s fee

We may recommend a skipper if you ask for one, by selecting a yacht offered bareboat and ticking the skipper option.
Skipper’s fee is € 140 to € 190 depending on the yacht. This fee is not varying by the season, is not susceptible to discounts, and does not depend on the number of persons aboard the yacht.
Alternatively you may opt for one of the yachts that we offer only skippered where in that case skipper’s fee is included in the charter price.
When planning your charter keep in mind to provide an additional cabin or berth for the skipper as he is required to sleep on board. Also you have to cater for skipper’s meals either paying for at an eating place ashore or by the food you will cook on board.

Charter special offers

Depending on the circumstances we may announce charter special offers which usually apply to specific yachts at specific periods and for specific itineraries (check in on specific date at a certain port/marina – check out on specific date at a different port/marina).

IMPORTANT NOTE: discount policy is not applicable on special offers

To apply for these special offers please use the “Request for quotation” form (the on line facility is not suitable) stating the charter special offer in the text box area.

Embarkation and disembarkation in different bases

Depending on the yacht, embarkation and disembarkation in different bases might be acceptable at an additional charge which depends on the distance between the two bases. The description of these fees for each base pair is found on the presentation page of the yachts for which such demand is supported.

Bareboat charter rate includes:

  • The use of equipment listed on the yacht’s presentation page
  • Yacht cleaning before and after every individual charter
  • A set of clean linen and bath towels per cabin
  • One gas bottle
  • Port/Marina fees(1) in the location of embarking and disembarking for the first and last night of the charter
  • Value Added Tax at the rate applicable at the time of booking. Any amounts resulting from changes in tax legislation are borne by or benefit the charterer.

Not included in the bareboat charter rate:

  • Security Deposit (payable upon embarking – refundable upon disembarking)
  • Inboard and outboard engine fuel(2)
  • Food, beverages and any other provisioning
  • Transport and transfers
  • The use of equipment listed as optional (if any) on the yacht’s presentation page
  • Port/Marina fees(1) apart of those for the first and last night of the charter


  1. Anchoring in secluded coves and seaside villages is quite delightful. However, for the times you wish a berth, you might have to pay a daily fee which applies to some ports in Greece and of course in all marinas (port fees where applicable are much lower than marina fees). Practically if you avoid marinas it is unlikely to pay anything for mooring throughout the Greek seas despite what is happening in many other sailing holiday destinations.
  2. The yacht fuel tank as well the outboard tank will be delivered full of fuel at check-in. At your check-out you should deliver the tanks fully replenished. Usually at the last morning of charter a small tank vehicle reaches the yacht for refueling in your presence, and this way you pay for fuel replenishment at check out.

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