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Starting from the below listing of yacht rentals, you may expedite your search for a yacht charter in Greece. After applying filtering according to the desired yacht characteristics, and sorting the results according to your priorities, you will end up with a shortlist of yachts which you might wish to examine further and eventually rent a yacht for your next sailing holidays in Greece.
Clicking on the thumbnail photo of any yacht, you may access her presentation page (characteristics, equipment and photos) and perform a number of online actions, namely, to check yachts availability, to select a period and see final price for that period, and to send if you wish a request for booking option.
Instead, if you wish to start from narrowing your search to the yacht rentals which are available within selected dates please check here: Search availabilities for a yacht charter in Greece

Read the guidelines on how to filter, sort, and use the table

Yacht Charter Greece Lagoon 40Lagoon 402018Athens11.74610104Catamaran
Yacht Charter Greece Lagoon 42Lagoon 422017Athens12.80610106Catamaran
Yacht Charter Greece Bavaria Cruiser 46Bavaria Cruiser 462017Athens13.604894Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Beneteau Oceanis 41.1Beneteau Oceanis 41.12016Athens12.433672Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 519Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 5192016Athens15.7559105Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Beneteau Oceanis 38 CruiserBeneteau Oceanis 38 Cruiser2015Athens11.153682Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Beneteau Oceanis 37Beneteau Oceanis 372014Athens11.113681Monohull
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 38 CruiserBeneteau Oceanis 38 Cruiser2014Athens11.153682Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Bavaria 41 CruiserBavaria 41 Cruiser2014Athens12.353682Monohull
Greece Charter Lagoon 400Lagoon 4002014Athens11.97610104Catamaran
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 34Beneteau Oceanis 342012Athens10.343681Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria 45 CruiserBavaria 45 Cruiser2012Athens14.2748103Monohull
Greece Charter Lagoon 400Lagoon 4002012Athens11.97610104Catamaran
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 34Beneteau Oceanis 342011Athens10.343681Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria Cruiser 40Bavaria Cruiser 402011Lefkas12.193682Monohull
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 46Beneteau Oceanis 462011Athens13.6848102Monohull
Greece Charter Lagoon 450Lagoon 4502011Athens13.96610105Catamaran
Yacht Charter Greece BAVARIA 45 CRUISERBavaria Cruiser 452011Lefkas14.274893Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Elan 340 CruiserElan 340 Cruiser2010Athens9.992461Monohull
Greece Charter Dehler 35Dehler 352010Athens10.512461Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36iJeanneau Sun Odyssey 36i2010Lefkas10.573671Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 44iJeanneau Sun Odyssey 442010Athens13.754892Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece BENETEAU-OCEANIS 50Beneteau Oceanis 502010Lefkas15.42611124Monohull
Greece Charter Ocean Star 56.1Ocean Star 56.12010Athens16.55614126Monohull
Greece Charter Hanse 350Hanse 3502009Lefkas10.553661Monohull
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 43 FamilyBeneteau Oceanis 43 Family2009Lefkas13.148102Monohull
Greece Charter Ocean Star 51.2Ocean Star 51.22009Athens15.95510114Monohull
Greece Charter Ocean Star 56.1Ocean Star 56.12009Athens16.55510105MonohullS
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 54Beneteau Oceanis 542009Paros16.759104Monohull
Greece Charter Hanse 400Hanse 4002008Athens11.993682Monohull
Greece Charter Broadblue 385Broadblue 3852008Athens11.7848102Catamaran
Greece Charter Lagoon 420Lagoon 4202008Athens12.61610105Catamaran
Greece Charter Lagoon 420Lagoon 4202008Athens12.6159105Catamaran
Greece Charter Nautitech 47Nautitech 472008Athens14.5610124Catamaran
Greece Charter Elan Impression 384Elan Impression 3842007Athens11.553682Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece BAVARIA 42 CRUISERBavaria Cruiser 422007Lefkas12.833672Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece BAVARIA 46 CRUISERBavaria Cruiser 462007Lefkas14.204892Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria Cruiser 50Bavaria Cruiser 502007Lefkas14.63510103Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece BENETEAU CYCLADES 50.5Beneteau Cyclades 50.52007Lefkas15.65611124Monohull
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DSJeanneau Sun Odyssey 54 DS2007Athens16.6859105Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria Cruiser 50Bavaria Cruiser 502006Athens14.63510103Monohull
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 523Beneteau Oceanis 5232006Athens16.2510105Monohull
Greece Charter Lagoon 380 S2Lagoon 380 S22006Athens11.6610102Catamaran
Yacht Charter Greece BAVARIA 42 CRUISERBavaria Cruiser 422005Lefkas12.833672Monohull
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 492005Athens14.9848104Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece OceanStar 60.1OceanStar 60.12005Athens18.17614126MonohullS
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 352004Kos10.433671Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria 36Bavaria 362004Athens10.963671Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Bahia 46Bahia 462004Athens14.15612124Catamaran
Yacht Charter Greece Bavaria 49Bavaria 492004Mykonos15.4510103Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 35Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 352003Athens10.753681Monohull
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.22002Samos14.1548122Monohull
Greece Charter Ocean Star 51.2Ocean Star 51.22002Athens15.49511105Monohull
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 402001Athens123682Monohull
Greece Charter Beneteau Oceanis 461Beneteau Oceanis 4612000Rhodes13.6848102Monohull
Greece Charter Bavaria 30Bavaria 301995Athens9.152451Monohull
Greece Charter Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.1Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42.11995Samos12.548102Monohull
Yacht Charter Greece Osyan Dynamique 62Osyan Dynamique 621995Mykonos19.204884MonohullS
Skippered Yacht Charter Greece Baltic Maxi 80Baltic Maxi 801982Corfu24.72510104MonohullS
Greece Charter Beaufort 16 KetchBeaufort 16 Ketch1975Athens16.154782MonohullS

Guidelines for using the table and the filters to select a yacht charter in Greece:

To use a filter, click on the filter and select any option from the drop down list. Visiting the same filter again, you may add another option in the same filter. In other words each filer can be a multi select one. Your selected options are shown in lines below the filters in use. You may erase any option from the lines of selected options, just by clicking on the option you wish to erase. You may also sort the table by clicking on any column label to have the table sorted by the values of the respective column. The first click sorts the table in ascending order while the second click sorts the table in descending order, and so on.

Start with the filter which you consider most important and continue with the filter which is next in importance, leaving last the least important filter. For example, if you are exclusively interested to charter a catamaran, you should start with the filter “Type” and select catamaran. Then you may continue with the filter “berths” or “Port/Marina” or any other filter you deem that should be next in the line of importance. On the other hand if you just need to find a sailing yacht with a specific number of berths in mind, irrespectively of type, then it is reasonable to start with the filter “berths”.
The more you filter the shorter the table becomes. It is a good idea not to filter too much because you might exempt a yacht which otherwise you wouldn’t overlook.
After making your shortlist of the yachts which you wish to examine, you may get to each one’s presentation page by clicking on the respective thumbnail picture.
There you may see the yacht’s characteristics, specifications and equipment, and you may also see recent photos showing the present condition of the yacht. In that page you may also see her booking calendar on which you may check prices and when the yacht is available for charter. Further, you may use the form located below the booking calendar to send on line a booking option to Sailing Heaven’s booking platform.
This booking option will be standing for one week and prevents the yacht from being selected by any other for the same dates.

Although you may opt to have a skipper for any yacht you wish to charter, some yachts are offered skippered only. This information is found on the last column of the table (no label) and the skippered ones are denoted with the letter “S”. This information is also found on the presentation page of each yacht (click on table’s thumbnail photo).

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