Our Mission

Planning a vacation to a remote destination is only natural to feel uncertainty leaving your comfortable existence for something unknown, especially when you commit yourself several months ahead in spending a substantial amount of money to rent a yacht and to pay for tickets and other expenses. Let alone, when it has to do with coaxing the most dynamic element of nature, the sea.

And more so when it is a sea that you don’t know the temperament and the whims of. You have heard that the Greek islands are stunning and that the islanders are relaxed, friendly and hospitable. You have learned that in ancient times Zeus ordered Xenia, i.e. the respect and protection of visitors and the provision of all assistance to them, but you are not sure that you know what culture and upbringing the Greeks have today.
How to moor in the coves and in the fishing villages? Were to seek help when in need? And what if the weather turns bad? Many other questions come to mind, but safety is your biggest insecurity!

We at “Sailing Heaven” understand and share your feelings. Our mission is to address all contingencies, and to ensure you enjoy lifetime memorable Greek island sailing holidays.
Even the weather, which although we cannot change, we will read the forecast together with you and we will explain what means for the area you want to sail.
We are here to move along with you at every step from the moment you reach out to us until, full of the best impressions, you will address to us the most pleasing farewell: “to see you soon!” And we will be deliriously happy because then we will know that we fulfilled our mission once again!

Fair winds and following seas and long may your big jib draw!


Yacht Charter Corfu, Ionian, Greece


Yacht Charter Lefkada, Ionian, Greece


Yacht Charter Athens, Saronic, Greece


Yacht Charter Lavrion, Aegean, Greece


Yacht Charter Syros, Cyclades, Greece


Yacht Charter Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece


Yacht Charter Paros, Cyclades, Greece


Yacht Charter Samos, Dodecanese, Greece


Yacht Charter Kos, Dodecanese, Greece


Yacht Charter Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece

Our Yachts

In the hub of our driving force there is a simple phrase: push the limits to bring value to anyone we come across.
All of the yachts we offer for charter are maintained with scrutiny on the engine the electrical installation the sails the rigging and all the equipment. Sails and ropes are replaced in every quinquennium, if not earlier. We strongly believe that a thorough maintenance costs considerably lower from what it costs an emergency repair during a charter, not counting the cost of lost credibility.
Differences in prices simply reflect differences in acquisition cost (which has to do with the shipyard, the way of make and yacht’s length) and differences in the level at which acquisition cost is recovered through use, i.e. yacht utilization period which is reflected by the year of make. In no case the difference in charter prices mean difference in the level of the maintenance and in the condition of each yacht. In light of the above, the older yachts among those we offer are indeed value for money because they are like quinquennial yachts in terms of reliability while offered at greatly reduced prices.

Our Systems

The core of our operation conceived as a result of a long-term observation of chartering:
Charterers dislike getting delayed incomplete and controversial offers leaving them many doubts about whether these offers would be given in the same way to anyone else placing the same request.
Charterers need a website to get on line real time offers on actual availability with accurate final prices without requiring registration or the submission of any personal details before the decision upon a specific yacht is made, and even then to be able to self-put a booking option for a short period in order to arrange travel without submitting any credit card details before they are determined to proceed.

And that’s exactly what our booking platform offers: fast, easy, reliable, interactive and radically transparent yacht chartering for sailing vacations to Greece and the Greek islands.

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