Start and end of charter

We offer yacht charters for whole weeks (1 week, 2 weeks, etc.) which commence on Saturday and terminate on any subsequent Saturday.
If you charter a yacht for such a whole week or weeks, you may nevertheless do check-in and check-out at any day within the period you chartered, which means that you may embark and disembark in different days than Saturdays.

Depending on a yacht’s availability we will try our best to satisfy some particular request for charter period that is not a whole week (there is more flexibility in low and middle season).

The charter starts at 17:00 on the first day of charter period (usually Saturday). Regardless and without undertaking such obligation, we will try to deliver the yacht as soon as possible within the contracted day of boarding, as far as the level of quality is not compromised.
If your arrival at the boarding base is going to be late (later than 19:00) you must notify us promptly, so that the yacht’s operator will act accordingly.

The charter terminates at 18:00 of the day prior to the last day of charter period (usually Friday) with an additional overnight stay until next morning at 9:00.

At the time you embark and disembark, check-in and check-out take place respectively where you go fore and aft together with the yacht’s operator and inspect the equipment, the inventory and the condition of the yacht, and complete and sign jointly the relevant forms. Upon checking in, the yacht’s operator will provide a comprehensive handover where following a technical briefing, he will demonstrate the workings of the yacht and its equipment, and you may ask any clarifications or pose your questions.

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