Bareboat charter agreement: Qualifications

According to Greek legislation, prerequisite for a bareboat charter agreement is that two crew members have proper training and experience to handle a yacht safely in off shore conditions. One of them should assume responsibility as skipper and the other one as co-skipper.

  • The skipper should present one of the following:
    • International Certificate for Operator of Pleasure Craft (ICC) with Sail endorsement
    • national qualification/certificate of sailing ability (for example Greek Day Skipper, ASA 101 & 103, RYA Day Skipper …)
    • sailing club membership

These certifications should be accompanied by a translation in Greek or English, if not issued by a European Union Member State.

In addition to the above, Port Authorities might require the skipper to submit an official self-declaration stating his competence.

  • The co-skipper should provide one of the following:
    • a certification similar to the skipper’s above
    • a self-declaration for the port authority

We may request from both the skipper and co-skipper to hand over a sailing resume for assessing of their seamanship. Notwithstanding their certification, we reserve the right to demand that charterers hire a skipper if we deem that their ability to sail safely is inadequate.

For a bareboat charter agreement on a motor yacht, two crew members, skipper and co-skipper, would be required to demonstrate licenses for motor yachts. These licenses are mandatory and they may not substituted by self-declarations. If we judge that their seamanship is inadequate, and regardless of their licenses, we are entitled to demand from charterers to hire a skipper.

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