Santorini beaches are literally unique, as regards their geological features. All Santorini beaches have crystal waters and with their particular colors, red here black there, framed by the lunar landscape of Santorini, they add further to the unique identity of the island. Because of their dark colors Santorini beaches get hot very quickly. If you are having sailing holidays on a yacht charter and the wind conditions are not favorable, it is preferable to approach them by car as they do not provide safe anchorages.

White Beach

Santorini beaches - White BeachLocated in the southwestern part of Santorini after the Red Beach. It is short in length with black sand and pebbles and is surrounded by precipitous white rocks. The access is possible only by sea and therefore it is visited by excursion boats from Perissa and the Red Beach.

Red Beach

Santorini beaches - Red BeachLocated in the southwestern part of Santorini near the archaeological site of Akrotiri but difficult to access. This is perhaps the most famous of Santorini beaches with the little red volcanic pebbly and the background of red cliffs that form a landscape entirely lunar. The beach features a canteen sunbeds and umbrellas.

Vlyhada Beach

Santorini beaches - Vlyhada BeachVery close to the namesake marina of Santorini at the southernmost tip of. Large ambient beach with coarse deep black sand and waters deepening very quickly. The steep slopes of white pumice in the surrounding of, render a lunar countenance. The beach features a canteen sunbeds and umbrellas, but a little farther is offered for solitary relaxation overlooking the superb sunset. In the area there are tavernas that offer traditional delicacies.

Perivolos Beach

Santorini beaches - Perivolos BeachThis is the southern continuation of the beach of Perissa and therefore has the same features, away though from the seaside bars the environment is quiet and ideal for relaxation.

Perissa Beach

Santorini beaches - Perissa BeachLocated in the southeastern part of Santorini and is bounded north by the headland of Ancient Thira. Perissa is renowned for its vast black sands and the dark waters of the sea. A beach with coarse black sand and waters that deepen quickly. It is the wide beach of the village and one of the largest from Santorini beaches, organized in every respect with sun beds, umbrellas, water sports, water park, restaurants and hotels. The local beach bars offer lively entertainment from morning till night. Interesting are the underwater formations of lava in rocks while in the area there are diving centers offering their exploration.

Kamari Beach

Santorini beaches - Kamari BeachIt is the largest from all Santorini beaches, starting from the headland of Ancient Thira and reaching up to Monolithos. The coast has fine black sand, gravel and pumice. Its waters are dark and deepen abruptly. It is a famous and crowded beach with umbrellas, sun beds, water sports and many shops, while in remote areas there are nudists. The southern end is situated in a beautiful setting of nature at the root of the steep limestone hill on which is the Ancient Thira.

Monolithos Beach

Santorini beaches - Monolithos BeachLocated on the east coast north of Kamari. It is the wide beach of the village with black sand. The waters are very shallow and therefore the beach is preferred by families with children and by Santorineans in general. The beach is very organized and there are many tavernas in the area.

Vourvoulos Beach

Santorini beaches - Vourvoulos BeachLocated in the northeastern part of Santorini. Black pebble beach in a quiet cove surrounded by impressive cliffs. The beach has a few umbrellas, and a tavern.

Koloumbos Beach

Santorini beaches - Koloumbos BeachLocated in the northern part of Santorini near Baxedes. It is spacious and sandy beach with warm waters due to active volcanic crater which is nearby. Being more secluded than other Santorini beaches is preferred by nudists.

Baxedes Beach

Santorini beaches - Baxedes BeachBeach Located in the northern part of Santorini, 3km from Oia, and 800 m. from Finikia village. Wide open beach with black sand and rocks. It is exposed to all northern winds that prevail in the summer (meltemi) and therefore preferred by surfers.

Armeni Beach

Santorini beaches - Armeni BeachLocated in the northwestern part of Santorini beside the small picturesque seaside settlement below Oia. Small beach with big black and red rocks and waters that deepen very quickly. The beach has access to the nearby Amoudi while Oia is accessed by going up 286 steps. In the area there is a diving center and traditional tavernas.


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