Mykonos beaches are justly famous for their crystal clear waters. Mykonos Ιsland has more than fifty outstanding beaches in all of its sides, most of them with golden sand, so there are many options depending on the weather conditions. The strong summer winds and the Aegean currents ensure that the exquisite Mykonos beaches have always crystal clear waters.
The most well-known and popular of Mykonos beaches are located in the largest part of the south coast, and specifically in the 2/3 of from the west. As many vacationers flock there, having varying perceptions and behaviors seeking to enjoy themselves according to their persuasions and temperament of each, and usually frantically, the word “seclusion” sounds completely unsuited. Approaching them by yacht however, you have the possibility of choice at any time on the degree of involvement in whatever happening. If at any time you choose to withdraw from the crowd or to retreat from the revelry, a lay back spot on deck or even the cabin can be reached in no time. Indeed many vacationers select to get a bareboat or skippered yacht charter and enjoy those excellent waters plunging from the deck.
At any rate, and weather permitting, sailing round the island you’ll discover the quiet, even the secluded Mykonos beaches, especially on the east coast after Kalafatis bay and up to Mersini bay. The island is small and its circumnavigation requires 25 to 42 NM depending on the degree of cruising proximity to the coast.


Most of southern Mykonos beaches are cosmopolitan and bustling. The eastern of them are close to Chora (the main town), the central are the famous party beaches, while as you move westward the beaches become more relaxed and quiet. Some of the southern Mykonos beaches, especially in the central of south coast, are known for their acceptance of laissez-faire attitudes.

Ornos beach

Ornos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated at a distance of 2.5 km south of Chora in the head of the large namesake bay in front of the settlement. Very good, family, worldly, and bustling beach with fine sand. On the beach over the sand there are nice restaurants while in the namesake village there are shops, bars and hotels. From Ornos caiques depart to the other Mykonos beaches.

Platys Gialos beach

Platys Gialos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated just 4 km south of Chora. Trendy beach with shallow turquoise waters, stretched sand, and many hotels, tavernas and cafes along its entire length. Because of its proximity to Chora it attracts many people and families. The beach is literally packed with umbrellas and sunbeds. Water sports are offered in the area and there are schools for windsurfing, water skiing and scuba diving. There are also vessels carrying vacationers to the many Mykonos beaches to the east.

Psarou beach

Psarou beach - Mykonos beachesLocated westward shortly after Platys Gialos. Small beach with beautiful waters and white fine sand almost filled with straw umbrellas and expensive wooden sunbeds. It is the most preferred by the Athenian clubbing vacationers than any other of Mykonos beaches and dancing in the beach bar starts early. On the sand there is a famous seafood restaurant, where the evenings often end up in revelry. Water sports are available on the beach and there are schools for windsurfing, water skiing and diving.

Paraga beach

Paraga beach - Mykonos beachesLocated to the southeast just after Platys Gialos with which communicates via an easy path. Nice beach in a small and picturesque cove with good taverna and camping over the beach. Does not get too crowded and it is preferred by nudists, yet bothered by the rowdy beach bars of the area. A hill path from here leads to the tranquil pebble beach of Agia Anna into a beautiful landscape.

Paradise beach (Kalamopodi)

Paradise beach - Mykonos beachesLocated eastwards of Paraga is among the most popular of Mykonos beaches full of straw umbrellas and sun loungers. It is the oldest nudist beach of the island and is still preferred. The beach bars play loud dance music round-the-clock and over the hill there is an after-hours club where famous international DJs make vibrant partying. On the beach there are shops and self service restaurants, while water sports are offered and a diving center operates.

Super Paradise beach (Blintri)

Super Paradise beach - Mykonos beachesThe next beach to the east stands out from the other Mykonos beaches as being the famous beach of partying and nudist. Long stretch of beach with crystal-clear waters in the deep of a small rocky cove which is accessed either by a fairly difficult and steep road or by the sea. The nudist area is on the right and the area of nonstop party is on the left. On the beach there is a taverna.

Agrari beach

Agrari beach - Mykonos beachesLovely secluded beach with fine sand and clear blue waters. Approached from the sea or from a narrow and steep path. It is surrounded by hilly rocks and dunes while onto the beach and a little inwards there are quite some trees. Available for more quietness and serenity than the other popular Mykonos beaches. In the area of the beach there is a small taverna and bar.

Elia beach

Elia beach - Mykonos beachesLocated east of Agrari from which is accessed easily by foot. Also approached from Ano Mera. It is the largest of Mykonos beaches with fine sand, pebbles, and clear blue waters within a beautiful setting amongst tall steep hills. It is a very organized Blue Flag beach. The beach features watersports, umbrellas, sunbeds, and a remarkable café-bar restaurant on the beach but nothing rowdy, so it is ideal for relaxation.

Kalo Livadi beach

Kalo Livadi beach - Mykonos beachesIt is the next beach to the east, located in the head of the namesake bay within a rural environment. It is a large and outstanding beach properly organized, with a well-known seaside taverna. In about the middle of the distance between the head of the cove and the edge of cape Mavrokefalos to the west, there is an enticing small pristine beach with aqua-blue waters which stands alone amongst the glitzy Mykonos beaches as it is accessed only by the sea (with care).

Agia Anna beach

Agia Anna beach, east Mykonos beachesLocated east of Kalo Livadi and approached from Ano Mera. It is a beautiful small beach with umbrellas, sunbeds and a taverna.

Kalafatis beach

Kalafatis beach - Mykonos beachesApproached from Ano Mera it is one of the most beautiful of Mykonos beaches, with sand and tamarisk from end to end. The beach is organized and has tavernas, cafes, and hotels. The namesake bay is often windswept and this is why it is popular with surfers. On the beach there are schools for windsurfing, water skiing, and scuba diving. The wrecks in the sea area, including one in 20 m depth have made the beach a diving hotspot. Boat excursions are also offered to the islet Tragonisi located east where excursionists may observe monk seals and wild birds, but also to explore sea caves swimming.

Lia beach

Lia beach - Mykonos beachesLocated eastwards of Kalafatis and about 4.5 km from Ano Mera. It is smaller but more beautiful beach with fine sand, crystal clear waters, and a charming taverna.

Fragia beach

Fragia beach - Mykonos beachesLocated at the easternmost point of the South Coast before cape Goni. It’s a beautiful beach which is usually deserted as it can be accessed either from the sea or from a narrow dirt road and besides it’s one of the farthest from town among Mykonos beaches.


The northern Mykonos beaches are not served by public transport and therefore they aren’t crowded with bathers.

Panormos beach

Panormos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated in the middle of the west coast of the namesake large bay at the north part of the island. The 100 meters beach of fine sand surrounded by low dunes is excellent, and has two very good beach restaurants.

Agios Sostis beach

Agios Sostis beach - Mykonos beachesIt’s a wonderful small non-organized beach, 1 km north of Panormos beach, under the namesake village. Above the beach there is a little appreciable taverna operated without electricity.

Ftelia beach

Ftelia beach - Mykonos beachesAn extended beach with fine sand located in the head of Panormos bay. It is a popular beach for windsurfers, though becomes increasingly known and popular also to the surfers of Europe, because of the large waves that grow with the strong meltemi.

Fokos beach

Fokos beach - Mykonos beachesSmall gorgeous sandy beach enclosed by rocks. The beach has only one small tavern. As it is quite affected by the meltemi, it is one of the first of Mykonos beaches discovered by surfers.


What characterizes the western Mykonos beaches is their proximity to Chora and for this reason they attract families and local people in general.

Tourlos beach

Tourlos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated just 2 km north of Chora. Large family oriented and frequented beach due to the dense local transport routes. The beach itself is good, but as regards the setting, there are much better among Mykonos beaches.

Agios Stefanos beach

Agios Stefanos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated 3 km north of Chora. It has the same characteristics as Tourlos beach but the setting is better. Farther from the beach there are tavernas, rooms to let and hotels.

Megali Ammos beach

Megali Ammos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated just 1 km south of Chora it’s the nearest to the main town from all Mykonos beaches and that’s why it floods from bathers. The beach is good but it’s often windy and the scenery is not so attractive.

Korfos beach

Korfos beach - Mykonos beachesLocated south of Chora after Megali Ammos at the head of the namesake bay. The beach has good sand, but the environment is not the best because of the dump that is close and the associated noise.

Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis beach - Mykonos beachesLocated at the westernmost bay of the island after Korfos. Little beautiful family beach with sand and pebbles and view towards Delos. The beach became famous by the scenes that were filmed there for the movie ‘Shirley Valentine’. In the area there are some very good hotels.

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